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About Us

American Truck Group LLC has roots with the purchase of a Diamond Reo franchised dealership in 1970. When Diamond Reo filed for bankruptcy in 1974, the buyers went into the car dealership business. However, even when their main business switched from cars to buses and other types of commercial vehicles, they still always sold trucks on the side. Eventually, the trucking industry started to pick back up.

The last thirty years presented opportunities to the trucking industry with new models and ideas. Kenworth introduced the aerodynamic T600 body in 1985. Peterbilt came out with their iconic 379 in 1987. Freightliner‘s 1991 conventional style trucks and Volvo‘s purchase of Mack Trucks in 2001 round out the evolution of the conventional cab and sleeper for heavy duty trucks you see in today’s market. As the demand for more conventional heavy duty trucks grew in the 1990s, the need for repair, rebuilding , refurbishing and re-marketing of these trucks is what led to the founding of American Truck Group, LLC.